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Bun Venit

Vă urăm un călduros bun venit alături Te așteptăm cu un topic de prezentare, fă-te cunoscut în rândul utilizatorilor !


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  1. Way too many hackers that's the reason I too applied for admin
  2. Sir, I would not mind if you deny...I was just trying to do something good : ) your server is really fun and i don't want the hacker to ruin the fun
  3. Ai citit regulamentul?: >>ATTENTION <<
  4. Nickname: Phoenix^#fiRe Varsta(minim 15): 17 Steam on/off?:off De ce ai vrea sa obtii admin?:because in the server (aim.elders.ro) many hackers were playing earlier today with aim and speed hack and admin was afk. This made me angry and I sign up here today. Ai putea ajuta serverul cu o donatie?: I would love to..if my father agrees!! Ce experienta ai ca admin?: no but Iam vip in the server cs.darks.ro *friends fun* Folosesti Teamspeak ?: yes I do in other servers Ai citit regulamentul?: yes, I did Alte precizari?: yes, I did
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