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  1. As putea mari timpul in care nu poti muri dupa ce te spawnezi. Pareri?
  2. So, Hide gets 1 Verbal Warning. You on the other hand, its not that hard to make a wg test to prove yourself clean and then kill him again 5 times in a row, no need to extend the time you are spec. With the gag plugin, it is made to not be able to speak on u@ because with some players, when they are gagged, they start to spam the u@ with insults and whatever. Because you are typing in chat /ct /t /respawn, etc. it is like chatting and thats why the plugin wont let you use any of it. I hope all of us have learned something until today and stay happy.
  3. Cine face prezentare poate sa puna poze cu el, chiar si semi-nud special pt @Dark, si fara propunerea asta.
  4. CNP - lipsa Regulament - lipsa Link GT - lipsa
  5. Mie mi se pare ca executa comenzi bine, daca e harta de awp, toti ceilalti joaca cu awp, de ce sa fii tu cel care strica jocul si sa joci cu arme?
  6. iti place ca ne pune la treaba, a? eu imi dau demisia si nu mai fac nimic pana nu imi primesc salariul.
  7. A fost innorat si de asta nu s-au putut vedea stelutele pe cer. S-a anuntat ca azi nu va mai fi asa de innorat.
  8. Up-u ca up-u, dar mai sunt stelutele pe cer?
  9. Give me a password for helper on discord.
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