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  1. Btw, this conversation is over for me. I sent to the owner your massages, so it`s up to other admins. I don't have time or nerves to argue with a person like that. I'm going to ask you not to talk to me anymore, and in case you get unban, every next time you talk your dirty way, I'll ban you. GL&HF P.S. - whoever wants pics, where he is just saying "bosnia is muslim country" i can show you what he really said. I'm not going to get down to that level and put it here, it's a shame.
  2. Ok, first I want to apologize to other colleagues for my language in this post. This "man" of 40 years old, is a true and really shame for this server. Tell me, how can you be such an idiot, such disrespectfull miserable cockroach? What have you learn in 40 years of your life ? To introduce others with this situation - this shameless, rude "player" said such terrible things on the server, related to someone else's faith (religion), mentioned internationally convicted war criminals, pointing to the terrible war crimes that have happened. You moron, Unfortunately have right for an opinion, but for yourself. THIS IS NOT PLACE FOR THAT. THIS IS A GAME. If you have something against me, that is ok, but keep it for yourself. Dude, do you have any dignity? There are children here on server, also from Balkan, and they can understand you, are you aware of that? Do you have your own children? Are you teaching them to hate, insult, and disrespect all other people based on religious commitment? SHAME ON YOU ! I never cared who is witch religion, as long as he`s a human. AND YOU ARE NOT HUMAN. You are just a disgrace. Love yours, respect other people's choices. I don't mind your poor opinion, but you're not going to say it publicly anymore. You got ban, and I will never unban you. I'd like to ask the other admins not to give you unban, but it`s gonna be their choice. This is not small thing, this is not "clasicc rude speach". There is no excuse for this. Teodor is familiar with this situations, I have also few pictures, and to be honest, I am even ashemed to post it. From my very own beggining on this server, i have never get such an ugly insult. For others - Boys and girls, be good, be kind, be smart, have fun, enjoy life, fill your life with love, make no place for such a hate. And for you "man" - I really feel sorry for you. GL&HF
  3. Dobrodošla na server djevojče ! 🙂 GL&HF
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