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Vă urăm un călduros bun venit alături Te așteptăm cu un topic de prezentare, fă-te cunoscut în rândul utilizatorilor !


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  1. (98) Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes (Official Video) - YouTube
  2. (98) Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes (Official Video) - YouTube
  3. GET HYPED for Hyper Roll! Hyper Roll is the new way to play Teamfight Tactics! It’s a shorter, slimmer version of the standard TFT you know and love. You will almost certainly finish a game of Hyper Roll in 20 minutes (or sooner… even a lot sooner). Hyper Roll features a simpler economy that allows you to focus on fielding the very best team you can, and re-rolling your shop to do it. You'll want to focus on keeping your board as strong as possible at every stage. Losing rounds, especially in the late game, will get you eliminated—fast. So while standard TFT asks for pati
  4. PATCH 11.8 NOTES AUTHORSSHIO SHOUJO, MOM CAT TRICIA "MOM CAT" TANHANNA "SHIO SHOUJO" WOO MID-PATCH UPDATES 4/13/2021 ARAM VFX Updates Snowballs New missile that should match the hitbox a bit better and be more readable in hectic team fights New recast activation VFX on tagged target New hit-and-miss VFXs New SFX on missed snowball, so you k
  5. Welcome to the After, After Party, It’s the last patch of Fates and we’re sending it off with a BANG! It’s a TFT tradition for the last patch of a set, sometimes the last two patches, to get a little wild. We do this because the patch that World’s tournaments are played on has been locked two patches ago, allowing us to make changes that make more risks in order to prioritize FUN. So, to conclude the Festival of Beasts, we have some minor balance adjustments to the most dominant compositions and then a series of larger changes that’ll be sure to make some truly memorable moments.
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