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Vă urăm un călduros bun venit alături Te așteptăm cu un topic de prezentare, fă-te cunoscut în rândul utilizatorilor !


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  1. contra, you have to wait 5 days till new apply
  2. contra ,noobs of noobest 1 place of noobies
  3. pro , best player i gave him points so that he could survive
  4. Gamer definition of person who sits on the chair playing games non-stopping,Kennys highest rated awp player in csgo community.Progamer official pro gamer that cannot stop playing games till he dies.Awp god means that you are good at awp and you noscope and abuse people so that you have power of gods of awps just like i do i only bhopfor fun and do sgs so i can get more speed iam speed dababy.My name is CLOUD bcs iam in a cloud team so i can kill you with my onshots in a second.Your palms are sweaty you your moms spaggeti while i get kills and girls your sit in the chair everyday playin games so sweaty fingers that bunny hop tryharder is on their way omg look at this bunny hop like a beast he cannot stop till he is tired.Now lets talk about K1koroz how did he got to his way maybe he started with a awp  and aswell improved movements that he achieved so he started his own carrier of pros that he got.Aswell i very happy that iam on pros team bcs i deserve not like many noobies who just run and miss everyshot not knowing that sprays does exist or that norecoil doesnt exist.So we can say that i rap like a eminem like iam a lil beast going around you bhopping everywhere and killing you i target you beacuse you are my enemy and you know  i dont have mercy for u.And yea i wanna say something out i wanna tell you that iam speed never seen before and i wanna tell that you cannot kill me even if you try.WIth your fingers you cannot play games you are not for it just give up men but i dont really gonna listen to your excuse you have lags or some shit i just know that you are pretty bad when you take that keyboard and mouse maybe you are better than me irl but you cannot beat my in games so gtf bro k1koroz what he talkin about men are you fucking crazy men iam not a noobie just like yourself.😔 So bro you gotta be carefull what you talking about dont make me come to you and kill you so that you can shut up.Oh wait you have to tell me something well dont continue bcs i already killed you oh dont call your mom so you can cry you little kid like a crying baby

    1. Esports-r4WpThunderX


      he used to be a noob specialist.. now he is a bot specialist .. jk  +rep

  5. Server Name:RS.ELDERS.RO | LEVEL | XP | SHOP | RANK | Date of birth:11.6.2004 The first 7 digits of the CNP: Age:16 Hours played + GT link (Click):https://www.gametracker.rs/player/ How much do you know about amxx ?:8-9 Have you been an admin before? And if so, for how long ?:yes,3 years Night / day activity:iam pretty active at the day and night Steam ON / OFF:ON Contact:Trileks#0836 Why do you want this degree:want to help people and to ban cheaters Will you ever be able to donate:no Do you h
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