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Bun Venit

Vă urăm un călduros bun venit alături Te așteptăm cu un topic de prezentare, fă-te cunoscut în rândul utilizatorilor !


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  1. Te-am vazut activ si pe server si pe teamspeak, de la mine
  2. Acceptat. Spor in continuare 😄 T/C
  3. The ip you didn't want to share with us is also in the screenshots you sent, there is nothing which can happen if you show your ip here, without it we can't unban you.This was just for you to understand why you had to write your ip there. The screenshots are okay, you will be unbanned. T/C
  4. Salut, din demo nu reiese nici o faza de wall, drept urmare ai primit unban. T/c
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