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Bun Venit

Vă urăm un călduros bun venit alături Te așteptăm cu un topic de prezentare, fă-te cunoscut în rândul utilizatorilor !

Helper Request progamer

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  • Server Name:RS.ELDERS.RO | LEVEL | XP | SHOP | RANK | 
  • Date of birth:11.6.2004
  • The first 7 digits of the CNP:
  • Age:16
  • Hours played + GT link (Click):https://www.gametracker.rs/player/
  • How much do you know about amxx ?:8-9 
  • Have you been an admin before? And if so, for how long ?:yes,3 years
  • Night / day activity:iam pretty active at the day and night
  • Steam ON / OFF:ON
  • Contact:Trileks#0836
  • Why do you want this degree:want to help people and to ban cheaters
  • Will you ever be able to donate:no
  • Do you have V.I.P on our server ?:no
  • What attracts you to our server and why did you choose to play with us ?:well beacuse its actually nice server that i love to play
  • Did you read the rules ?:yes
  • Ai TeamSpeak ?:yes
  • Mentions ?:same skills as K1koroz
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