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[Proposal] Cenzura


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  • Nick-ul tau: Cenzura
  • Nume propunere:  Designer forum and more.
  • Descriere propunere:  I will write in English. I was 8 years in another forum, I helped with designs, both with banners, and with medals for the forum among other things.
    I come here in order to help this new community. First I would like to create a "Music Expert" project where our members can share music (youtube links), they can share musicians, bio and more. I would like to be in charge of the designers project due to my experience as a designer. (If you want I can show my old creations of medals and banners.)
    I have seen that some sections are missing and I would like to help create them, in order to attract the attention of our members and that they spend more time in the forum.
    I'd like to help with a support ticket section on the forum, where members can submit a ticket with whatever help they need and an administrator can view the ticket and resolve it.
    Also add a BOT for the forum.With a section "Report Center" for those who do not comply with the forum rules.
    In general I have experience with the invision community admincp so I don't think I have much trouble helping with extensions and more....Any question I will be willing to answer
  • Ce imbunatatiri ar putea aduce comunitatii ELDERS ROMANIA?: Help the forum

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Hello, as far as I know and heard, the forum isn't finished yet. Most likely the ticket script or the report button will be added. Your music idea is good but there is already a music related sub category in the Multimedia category wich is basically your idea. 

Your proposal of being the leader of the design project is a bit of a stretch since the one that's running it has been put there by the leaders of this forum. 

I'd say PRO to some project ideas  but CONTRA to your proposal of being the leader of our design project without showing any work as far as I'm concerned. 


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