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The meaning of the nickname


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Let's get to know each other a little more 🥰

I'll be the first one 😁


I love to read romance, erotic/romance, bdms, comedies, only not horror and sad books.  I have over 500 books, and l am soo proud 🥰

My nickname is after my favorite writer Inna Moore.


I wanted Niki first, but it can be a male or female nickname.  By the way, my nickname in real life is Niki (Nicoleta)


Come on now you.  

Don't be shy 😋

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Very nice, Niki. My name is Alex, i was born in 01.06.1998 in Bucharest, I don't like to read, if i read a single page, my head hurts, i don't like to losing at something i'm good at. I like to watch movies (Action, comedy, SF, sometimes horror not alone, thriller, romantic comedy), i like olso to play ping pong, i like to go fishing with my family, i like girls 😂 and many other things.

About my nickname, in Romania was an earthquake in 1977, that's when my mother was born and i chose "SeysM" because of that.

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My nick on the cs server is Monu, I'm 34 years old 😁

I don't like to read , donned a loot of school (around 24 years this is my passion just kidding), I'm a PHD engineer in construction here in Bucharest (were I was burned and raised) .

As I said to another friend of yours, been playing CS for 27 years, I was in PGL 20 years ago in a clan called FdP.

My real name is Marian I work in construction as a Project Manager and I love to drive my car "Violenta" and do road trips in Romania and other foreign soils .

My nick comes from another first name which I have but I don't like to be called by.

PS: come on boys and girls  don't be shy as Nicoleta said 😉


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Hello to everyone, So Before beginning tho i'd like to say dat The meaning of my name is literally meaningless i'm just kidding obviously

How do I put this so One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest, I Genuinely believe that's one of the best movie I've ever seen and i'm grateful to one of my bf cuz he recommend it to me, Apart from this movie there are many more out there but from my perspective, none of em can reach to  the one listed above, i'll put this aside.

I was born in Romania but i've moved in United Kingdom at the age of 7  i will turn 25 this year 13 of august.

I Work as a supply chain manager  also i've got many other qualifications most of em are related to construction industry.


About what I like to do in my spare time , this is not really relevant but honestly I ain't got much free time cuz I GOTTA WORK AS MUCH AS POSSIBILE TO FULFILL MY DREAM. 

That's pretty much all. 


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