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  2. Ai primit unban. Locked.
  3. Nick:Wargods Data : Nu o inteleg sincer Adminul care te-a banat : MyYzZY LethaL Dovezi : Nu stiu dece am primit ban azi vroiam sa intru pe server si vad ca am ban si reason : aim ori e o greseala nu stiu sincer motivul asfi dat un scan sau sa verifice tot folderul de cs cu siguranta daca as fi fost antuntat sper sa se rezolve problema
  4. Last week
  5. salut. refa cererea dupa model. Nick: Varsta: Link profil Steam: ID Discord : STEAM ID Numeric (status in consola): Ora si data banului: Admin/jucator reclamat: Ce s-a intamplat?: Dovada:
  6. Nick: xman Varsta:15 Link profil Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199126916996/ ID Discord :xman#0261 STEAM ID Numeric (status in consola):583325634 Ora si data banului:25.09.2022 14:41 Admin/jucator reclamat:IMPOSSIBLE SHOW Ce s-a intamplat?:Am luat ban 2 zile si dupa permanent cu premiza ca am intrat pe discord cu numele deniz si am injurat adminii Dovada: nu am ce dovedi
  7. Nu-mi place comportamentul tau pe server. Mereu injuri, tipi sau faci alte prostii.
  8. dar sa vad activitate si sa nu mai creezi probleme si certuri !
  9. eu am vrut sa iti dau contra dar iti dau o sansa dar vreau activitate si cand mai intra " amici " de ai tai pe sv sa nu fi indulgent sau sa faci favorizari ca sper ca tii mine ce ti am zis eu o data de treaba asta.
  10. pro. sper sa vad activitate din partea ta.
  11. Nickname'ul de pe server:Faraonu Nume și vârsta:Chis Manuel -16 Link Profil de Steam:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199071528462/ ID Discord:♛Faraonu♛#7764 Ore jucate pe server (acceseaza https://panel.elders.ro/active/ si posteaza link cu orele tale):https://panel.elders.ro/active/index.php?type=name&search=Faraonu s-au sters celelate 400 de ore 😞 Cate ore poti sta pe server zilnic:2-3 poate mai multe Esti de acord sa fii verificat in pc de un membru staff(DA/NU):Da Experienta in utilizarea comenzilor de Admin pe CSGO?(DA/NU):Da Cont prime?(DA/NU):Da Level Cont Steam:11 Alte informatii:recomand go.elders.ro
  12. No hack. He played for half an hour while you accused him of cheating. No, I watched him play. He is a good player and plays every day. And frankly, you all hide in the same places. I know exactly where some players will be. Not a hacker, just playing better than you. His rank is 32 my demo of KAN https://www.sendspace.com/file/sqeze7 🙂
  13. Maybe he is a "pro player" but it seems (at least for my eyes) he is using wallhack. My eyes have seen a lot of cheaters from 1999-present. What bothers me is that you refused to ask for a WG when i was watching him, after i've started to write about wallhack and WG he disconnected from the server (without knowing he is the fella we're talking about). LE: C'mon, stop trolling me with "just playing better" or his rank is 32....i've made an accusation and you defended him without doing that WG. Let's see what others have to say, you're not alone in here 🙂
  14. Kan is a pro player. He has done wg a lot of times so far. A very good player I have a foto of wg, but dont know how to put here. I will sent foto on discord
  15. Numele dvs: Daemon Numele celui reclamat: kan Motivul: wallhack Data si ora: 26.09.2022, ora 23:30-23:55 Alte detalii: I-am spus lui INNA sa ii faca WG si m-a asigurat ca este OK desi nu parea. Dovada/DEMO: https://easyupload.io/ssljv6 Nota: daca ma insel si nu are nimic, my bad....oricum a iesit cand a vazut discutia.
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